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Frequently Asked Questions about Small Business Website Design

1. I have a web site.
 What can you do for
Can I use my own web address (or domain name)?
Can you host my web site?
How does your service compare to Expression?
How does your service compare with Dreamweaver?
How to Setup iPhone Email
Will my existing site work with your content updating tools?
2. How do I Get Started?
How long will it take to get my site online?
What are the system requirements?
What is included in a package?
What is Snap Mediaworks?
3. General Questions
How does this compare to build-it-yourself services?
Is it easy to update my own site with your tools?
Is this one of those build-it-yourself Internet services?
Why should I use Snap Mediaworks?
Would I have ownership of the site?

Jan at Mountains View Lavender

I want my business to grow.

The power of the internet can help you get noticed by consumers in or out-of-town. Snap Mediaworks gives you the tools you need to tap into the customers you want to reach. Start enjoying all the benefits of the Internet today with our easy to use online site management system, low monthly costs and quick turn-arounds. Snap Mediaworks will give you the attention you deserve.

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