Frequently Asked Questions

How does your service compare to Expression?

Our tools make it extremely easy to update your site. In fact you can do it in minutes with just a few minutes of training.

Expression (formerly Frontpage) has a much longer learning curve and will require much more time (frustration) on your part for site updates.

Expression is on the market for use by amateur web designers rather than small business owners. It is not a good choice for making regular updates to your website. It takes too long and you run too high a risk of "deleting" key features of your site.

Snap Mediaworks tools are quick, easy and safe for regular site updates. In fact we use Snap Mediaworks site management tools to keep our own web sites fresh. This site is a good example.

Call 509-209-9251 or 208-209-3274 to schedule a demonstration. You will wonder how your web site lived without it.


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